Password Safe (safely store your passwords)

ScreenShotsupported on all version of windows

Download Here

With companies concerned about internet security, password requirements for your internet accounts are becoming more complex.  No longer will the name of your favourite pet suffice some website password standards.  Many require at least 8 characters, both upper and lower case, at least a digit and at least a special character (i.e. – &#$#).  So how do you remember all these passwords?  Well you can write them down on some paper and carry them in your wallet (not recommend or secure) or you can use this small utility, Password Safe.  This utility installs on windows and allows you to keep all your passwords in one place.  Is it secure?  It uses the latest encryption methods so your content is safe.  So safe that if you forget that password to Password Safe, there is no way to retrieve your data.  So remember your password.  The utility is free.  Email me at <my email> if you find any problems.

The zipped file contains the executable PasswordSafe.exe.  The first time your run the program it will ask you to change the password.  Choose a password that you will remember.  The program will create two files (filedata, datas) once the program starts.  This is the encrypted data and it is useless without your password.